xAlt Pro High Power Workstations for Sign Design


Everyone is looking for that dream machine, that pedal to the metal, fast-moving bird of prey with turbo to spare. Of course, we are talking about the perfect workstation for sign design. Monitors are for another day. Today, we look at what makes the xAlt Pro series of workstations a sign professional’s go-to system.

nine-hundredFirst, when looking at the team behind the build, we have a high-level veteran of IT, David McCutcheon, who has focused on these sign industry custom computers for well over a decade. He explains, “We specialize in configuring custom workstations that remove bottlenecks and accelerate workflows.” We learned that McCutcheon is a certified Microsoft Partner, and advanced Roland Technician, and Dynamic Sign Expert. Years of experience coupled with over 1000 workstations built is a recipe for success. ┬áThe other ingredients?

“We have tested every component, evolved with the industry’s needs, removed garbage, saved our client’s money, created life-saving redundancies, and delivered uncompromising speed for nearly 26 years.”

To take a look at what goes into the world’s best production systems, and how affordable an optimum system can be, visit this page and check out the quality components and prices: http://www.schoolofsignarts.com/xalt/

We want to mention that SOSA presents only those products we have tested and approved. We stand behind our products and provide technical support unmatched in the industry. To learn more about our advanced, on-demand technical support program, see this page: eVIP Technical Support

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