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xAlt Pro High Power Workstations for Sign Design

Everyone is looking for that dream machine, that pedal to the metal, fast-moving bird of prey with turbo to spare. Of course, we are talking about the perfect workstation for sign design. Look at what makes the xAlt Pro series of workstations a sign professional’s go-to system.

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JetMaster Has the “WOW” Factor

A WOW Product! We’re ready to post another review, for a product that caught our attention last August. The JetMaster Display System is a one-of-a-kind new product, well distributed in Europe, brought to the US by Innova Art, Ltd. that we are now proud to offer in the SOSA shop, to sign industry professionals…

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I See ICC Red!

Color printing is perhaps the most misunderstood subject for all sign makers. A little information here about Color Profiles can go a long way to reducing frustrations.

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