Brand Buzz Builder

What is SOSA’s Brand Buzz program?

  1. natural-bear The sign industry’s best kept marketing secret.
  2. The most creative marketing program for sign industry stakeholders.
  3. Genius messaging from very creative peeps.
  4. All of the above.

The answer is 4. All of the above.  SOSA Brand Buzz campaigns are extremely effective for building awareness of products and services, as well as increasing membership in programs or associations. To that end, there are roughly 30,000 contacts that have opted in for one type of information or another. The distinguishing power of the Brand Buzz email / landing page / creative marketing program is based on the extensive and intimate connection made through the unique creative that is built for each client. We build around the industry’s hot buttons and incorporate imagery that is designed to evoke a positive “right brain” response.

Many campaigns begin with extensive beta testing of both content as well as subject lines and titling aspects. The beta testers are drawn from a select pool of 200 sign companies that reflect the leading edge of the digital sign industry. For companies that select SOSA’s Brand Buzz services, their brand and message will be carefully crafted with ad agency style, and delivered to our proprietary, premium email contact base. In addition, we can build compelling landing pages to connect to the campaign. See this one created for the Guild, a sign industry membership organization:  Guild Landing Page

The Brand Buzz Builder program from the School of Sign Arts (SOSA) has served these quality brands: Ackland, American Sign Museum, IPTLock, JetMaster, Orbus, Roland, SAi, Sign Biz, The Guild, VIP Mfg., and Xerox, among others.

Download the Brand Buzz Media Kit (PDF).


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