Mid-Year (Almost) 2014 Review: Dynamic!


Get this: We’re morphing again! Our founders said back in 2005 that the sign industry needed to get involved with dynamic signage. (LobbyPOP grew out of that, by the way!) Here is specifically what the presentation to some 140 sign shops said, “This is opportunity with a capital “O”. Those companies that arm themselves with the latest dynamic in-store signage will have the leverage needed to capture this “below-the-line” emerging media revenue stream within the next five years.” 

Funny thing happened along the way: The Recession! Okay, so not so funny, really. But lesson learned, it took more like nine years for the “traditional” sign industry to dip the proverbial toe into the water. We at the School of Sign Arts have been working very hard with LobbyPOP to make sure the training materials and consulting services for those entering the dynamic sign arena are the bee’s knees (which is British for “the cat’s meow!”).  Today, there are a few hundred digital sign shops that have embraced dynamic signage. Teresa M. Young, President/ CEO of Sign Biz Inc. who made the prediction in 2005 that this would happen, had this to say in an interview this month: “We now have sign shops closing sales with national hotel chains, competing successfully against the mega corporations for dynamic signage. One member of our chain just sold a $30,000 menu board system for outdoor use. It uses three portrait HD displays with HDMI input from media players. This is within reach of many sign shops today, if they get going on some fundamental education.”

multi-screen-smallThe International Sign Association (ISA) reports that its 2014 Sign Expo, held April 24-26 in Orlando, broke attendance and exhibit-hall records for that locale. Attendance topped 18,110, up more than 10 percent versus 2012, the last time the show was held in Orlando. In addition, the Dynamic Sign Park increased by 33%.  After visiting every dynamic sign provider that exhibited at the International Sign Expo last month in Orlando, we at the front line affirm again that one size does not fit all. There is a great need for not only multiple levels and styles of education, but also many different types of screens, and accompanying display appliances (media players) and Content Management Systems to deploy a wide range of content. Make no mistake, there is no single “one size fits all” when it comes to fulfilling client needs for dynamic sign systems.

Imagine telling customers that you have only banners to offer. You explain that there are many sizes of banners available, but still, only vinyl banners, maybe scrim, maybe double-sided… but only banners.  The same goes with dynamic signage: If you are going to put the client’s needs ahead of your comfort zone and convenience, then you need to be ready to offer exactly the right system to fit them. You become designer / tailor / candlestick (content) maker if you choose.

LobbyPOP-LogoSo again, be certain you align yourself with a consulting firm that can source out the right system, give you immediate answers and shore you up with the right knowledge to present to your client, all the while protecting your account. Our favorite is LobbyPOP, founded in 2006 strictly to serve sign industry shops just like yours.  And we at SOSA will continue to offer the best training materials, guides, and classes to support and inform!


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