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Master the formulas for successful design, hardware and software selection, deployment, content creation and ROI/ROO for digital signage rollouts. The course covers technology of the digital signage market/industry, and the 7 Key Elements of Digital Signage.

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A world-class partner with a team of developers who have been part of your business for decades. The DSCE course has our stamp of approval.

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The #1 course offered by the Digital Signage Experts Group is only $195. Earn your valuable credentials with a bonus Guide from LobbyPOP®


350+ software platforms. Hundreds of hardware options. And millions of customers waiting. Make the move to Dynamic Signage. Get training!


Dynamic Signage Certified Expert course from DSEG as been delivered to more than 17,000 individuals. Now it is your turn.

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The heart of the Guild-sponsored Digital Signage Certified Expert (G-DSCE) program is a one-day digital signage certification web course that is self-directed, with complete documentation of every chapter. You can start and stop, and resume the 8-hour course on your own schedule. Here you also receive a $75 Guide, Making the Move to Dynamic Signage, included for free!

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The resources of the International Sign & Printmakers Guild leverage the security of the School of Sign Arts shop and team, and the expertise and support of LobbyPOP® professionals. Now that is a powerhouse of partners!

School of Sign Arts

We serve some 20,000 digital sign companies across North Amerca, and a further 15,000 related industries including screen printers, dye-sublimation providers, graphic artists and more. We also offer marketing services for high-quality products that meet our test standards.


In 2006, LobbyPOP was established to bring dynamic digital signage to the front line of the industry through Certified Digital Sign Experts. Today, LobbPOP partners with the industries top manufacturers and service providers to give sign professionals the resources they need.


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You can stop and start the course on your own schedule. The entire course is $195 anywhere you sign up, but ONLY at SOSA can you get this PDF book, Making the Move to Dynamic Signage, absolutely free with your course purchase.