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We are excited to report again on dynamic sign services for sign industry professionals. And again, LobbyPOP® has brought their “A Game” and delivered a content software program, LobbyCaster, that makes more sense than anything we have seen to date.

Allow us to explain: Sign businesses want and need to be able to allow a little or a lot of content access / player monitoring by their clients. For instance, a coffee shop has six menu boards. They need attractive design, weather feed, and even some local news. ALL of that is designed easily by the sign shop staff person (usually the graphic designer), using LobbyCaster. A cohesive branded image is carried through the the boards, and there is a table of prices for each type of baked product, beverage, and blend. Sometimes the price will change, or the “Blend of the Week.” So who should edit that text in the table in the beautiful menu board? Now you have a choice!  While design updates are far beyond what a coffee shop manager can handle (having no Photoshop skills, no background in design), you may load LobbyCaster in the Local Area Network and the coffee shop manager can open the layout and click in the table cell to edit a price. How lovely!

Now, LobbyCaster, being an award-winning application, is also a most versatile and logical software choice for content design, even for remote service. If you step up to Cloud Control, you can manage an unlimited number of players around the globe. All of this for pennies a day! Each player would be supported and viewable by logging in at www.LobbyCaster.com, for a connectivity fee of under a dollar a day. YOU, as a dynamic sign professional, will manage the content via LobbyCaster software, export your design, and import into LobbyCaster Cloud Control. Voila! This is your to-the-trade solution with more features for the sign industry than any other Dynamic Sign System in the market today. And LobbyCaster, is free. Yes, FREE.  If you are deploying to a screen on a local area network (LAN), you pay nothing else. If you want to send content outside your network and manage players for others, you pay less than a dollar a day. Do you see why we are so impressed?

Make no mistake – this is a very sophisticated dynamic sign content manager.  You can actually LAYER your zones, images, one on top of another, to create any effect you desire. The output is FULL HD, 1080p, and even 4K supported. Use transparent PNG files for fun designs, add weather feed, show a website, feature local news, and much more. Yes, all included. Really!

Watch the 8 short LobbyCaster Tutorials starting here: www.YouTube.com/LobbyPOP

Download your software from www.LobbyPOP.com

Purchase the famous LobbyCast solid state media players at to the trade prices from LobbyPOP when you are ready to connect your screen to your content! OH, and if you are new to all of this, don’t worry, there is a fantastic seminar online, free to watch on YouTube – two 40-minute segments, and you are going to feel pretty darn confident. Of that we are pretty darn certain.

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