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Dynamic Digital Signage has a certain mystique that, due to the expansion of worldwide demand, we have been working to clarify. Why is this dynamic sign Technology getting so much attention? Why should you invest in this new learning curve as a digital print or sign professional? If you’ve carved out your niche, you may not need to differentiate any further. But for the tens of thousands of digital sign shops across North America, differentiation needs a push.

By entering the world of digital signage, sign designers and sign company professionals maintain complete control of their client base, and signage portfolio.

Sign makers who have worked for their entire career with static signage can find all of this new territory difficult to navigate.  There are many new manufacturers of digital signage products, and it is unfortunate that many of these manufacturers do not have a sign-making background, and therefore do not always speak our language.  And, while it may be easy to find companies who offer digital signage software (more than 350 exist today!) and/or hardware, it is much more difficult to learn how to implement the technology for the end-user – our clients.

widescreen2Here at SOSA, we had an epiphany!  Find the best and most widely recognized certification program for dynamic sign experts, check it out, and if it works, bring it to the digital print sign industry! Enter the Digital Signage Certified Expert (DSCE) program, offered by the Digital Signage Experts Group through SOSA registration!

Finally! Answers from a respected, definitive source, to questions such as: What kind of content is going to be displayed?  What kind of hardware and/or software should be used?  Where is the display going to be located?  How will it be programmed, and by whom?  Will there be multiple displays?  How will the whole system be controlled and updated?  How in the world do I guide a prospective client, and, most importantly, what will make this kind of visual communication EFFECTIVE?

The DSCE course is a widely recognized certification course which covers all of the essential ingredients for anyone who wants to offer digital signage.  Who has taken the course already? About 4700 individuals, most from the AV industry. We, however, believe YOU are even better equipped to deliver sign messaging through dynamic systems!!  SOSA is very excited to make this available to you, the sign professional, with an exclusive added bonus, a 48-page guide book made for YOU, valued at $75!  This guide, Making the Move to Dynamic Signage, is designed to help sign companies make the transition from a flat world, to a dynamic one.

The entire course is $195 anywhere you sign up, but ONLY at SOSA can you get this PDF book, Making the Move to Dynamic Signage, absolutely free. SO, SOSA says, the course gets five out five stars:

gold-star It is inexpensive (only $195 for an 8-hour certification course. Come on!)

gold-star You can stop and start the course on your own schedule

gold-star When you pass the course, you earn the respected DSCE credentials

gold-star There are video “chapters” you can watch throughout the exam

gold-star You get a tremendous bonus guide book


Here’s how it works:

You purchase a program access key code at SOSA for $195, then go to the website and log in.  Upon doing so, you can begin your training course, which is a series of instructional videos, accompanied by a 68-question certification test.  Once you’ve filled in all of your answers, you submit your test for review.  It is instantly graded, and, provided you receive a passing score, you then instantly receive your Digital Signage Certified Expert certificate via email, and are added to the Digital Signage Experts Group list of … well, Experts!

When you purchase your DSCE course access code through SOSA, you’ll also receive the PDF book: Making the Move to Dynamic Signage …. Did we mention, it’s free!  This 48-page guide for the sign professional is approved by founder of, Alan Brawn, CTS, DSCE, DSDE, ISF, ISF-C, this year’s Chairman of the Digital Signage Federation. A great companion to the DSCE course, it includes additional insight, statistics, and information on the current and future digital signage market. It normally retails for $75, and is the only book of its kind. TWO different needs analysis surveys complete the book, giving you the ultimate consultation forms to use with your prospective clients. Those alone are worth the price of admission! The book arrives instantly via email download – you don’t have to wait until you finish the on-line course!

jump-to-dynamicSimple, right?  Hold on there, Skippy.  Yes, the concept is simple, but this isn’t just a log-in-and-get-your-certificate kind of program.  You will have to do some work, as this is some serious business with a lot of information to cover.  You’ll need a few hours to complete the training and test.  It’s designed as an 8-hour course, so allow yourself at least 6 hours, perhaps more, depending on your existing level of understanding and the amount of caffeine in your cup. If you need to stop along the way to use the restroom or take a nap, you can save your progress and return later, using a progress code given at the start of your session.  Heck, go home and sleep on it, return the next day and jump back in!

What’s the test like?  Some of the questions are multiple choice, some are true/false, and some are of the “fill in” kind.  You do need to learn some things before you can answer everything correctly, and you are only allowed to get 8 questions wrong to pass.  After your test is graded, you’ll be shown the questions you missed, although you will not be given the correct answer.  I think the idea is for you to go back and review the training, and find the correct one for yourself.

Four of us took the course, and we all passed! We found the training to be very thorough, well-researched, and quite accurate, as well as entertaining at times.  The videos include nice diagrams to help solidify the material, and pleasant voice narration, which is a good thing, considering you’ll be listening to these voices for several hours.  The subject matter is very complete, covering a range of topics – see the curriculum on the product page in the SOSA Store.

In short, there’s a wealth of information here that is far beyond the price of the course… not to mention the PDF book you will refer to again and again. You’ll walk away with a great understanding … not only of digital signage systems and how they work, but also what makes content effective and entertaining, so the display hardware on the wall actually does what it’s intended to do.

We highly recommend the DSCE course for anyone who is currently offering Digital Signage products, or even if you’re just in the “I’m thinking about it and would like to know more” stage.  You’ll learn a lot, and gain a great deal of confidence in what you offer and how to communicate it to your clients!

Order here at SOSA. You can view the curriculum there by clicking on More Images at the top of the page there in the SOSA Shop!


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